Hand Carried Pet Courier Services

The airlines have very strict rules regarding the shipping of SNUB NOSED animals! 

Travel for small snub nosed breed pets for Summer 2013 is more & more difficult than ever.

Puppy Travel can arrange for your pet to be personally escorted and delivered directly if you wish.  Puppy Travel is a full service ARC/IATA Travel Agency.  We can arrange in house flights and personal couriers to transport pets.

Things to know:

  • Our expert agents have traveled with pets all over the world and know the importance of safely delivering a pet to a client.
  • Traveling with client’s pets is a very big responsibility that we take very seriously.
  • Communication is the key when couriering a pet directly to a client.
  • We do not make promises we cannot keep!

Tell us your pet travel needs. Domestic, international, accompanied, unaccompanied, whatever they are we can help you.

We are the experts!

Puppy Travel is the leader in innovative & safe animal travel consulting & couriering for pets traveling to all corners of the world.

Pet Courier Client Spring 2013 CANADA to PHILADELPHIA – Kathy C:

“I had to tell you how thankful I am to you and for you being in the business you are in.  Not only do you do an outstanding job, your communication at each stop on the way here from Canada is better than anyone could ask for.  That’s why I had you bring my second baby down.  I would not even consider anyone but you to do this for me.  You are a gem.   A person could not ask for more.  You are a wonderfully nice and friendly person, you are efficient beyond belief and it has been such a great pleasure working with you.  I would highly, highly recommend you to anyone to bring their baby to them.  I would NEVER even consider sending a pup in cargo.  Finding you was the answer to my dreams.”