Pet Shipping and the CRATE!

After shipping pets for almost 10
years now, I continue to be intrigued about people and their choices for the
crates they ship their pets in.  The most
important thing you can do when you ship your pet is send it in a correctly
sized, sturdy crate!  Some clients will
go on and on and on about how worried they are for their pets to travel in an
aircraft.  They communicate valid
concerns about their safety, the processes and routings, who will handle their
pets, how long they have to wait to be claimed…..the list is endless.  It never ceases to amaze that when all is
said and done…they go CHEAP on the shipping crate!  They skimp on size, buy flimsy plastic
crates, ones that SNAP and do not bolt or use old ones that are completely worn
out.    We picked up a pet once in a ragged old crate
that was held together with 4 zip ties..yep 4 of them!  Dog weighed 55 lbs…………

Best pet shipping tip ever!  Buy a good quality crate to ship your
pet!  Make sure it is the correct size
for them to stand, turn and lie down in.
And, most of all let them play in it before you ship them in it!  They will love you forever and so will your
pet’s travel agent!

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