Pet Shipping in the Summer Heat

Yes!  Summer is coming soon and it will be HOT!  So many people call to inquire about shipping their pets with concerns about the summer heat.  Some airlines ‘embargo’ pet shipping in the summer.  Delta Air Lines no longer allows ‘checked pets’ system wide.  It is really for the safety of your pet.  Delta Air Lines does take pets as ‘cargo’ during the summer months and the temperature restrictions vary from airport to airport system wide.  Once again this has to do with the airline’s ability to keep your pet in a temperature controlled environment at all times.  If the station is committed to that, then they accept pets….if not then they do not.  The issue of heat is the tarmac-the on and off loading of pets onto the aircraft.

United Airlines takes pets as ‘cargo’ on almost every route system wide during the summer.  They never allow ‘checked pets’ on their routes…except for active military passengers traveling with pets.

It does get complicated!  We had an inquiry a few days ago about shipping a pet out of Phoenix.  The owner said his dog weighed 1 pound.  We told him to fly the dog ‘in cabin’….that is just so small!  It is not worth the risk!  Common sense when shipping pets is a good thing.

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