Accompanied Pet & Passenger Travel

If you want to travel with your pet, Puppy Travel can help you!  Puppy Travel is an ARC & IATAN approved TRAVEL AGENCY using the WORLDSPAN Computer Reservation System (CRS) for booking travel; this means we have worldwide access to airlines, rental cars, hotels, railway systems, cruise lines and travel information.  You will get the expertise of pet travel planning with an experienced travel professional. Our years of passenger travel planning experience will guide you through all options available to meet you and your pet travel needs.

Some of things we can help you with:

  • Cruise ship options
  • Specific airline rules, regulations and embargos for pet/s travel
  • Routing and connection options world wide
  • Checked pet-vs.-In Cabin Pet choices
  • What to expect at the airport
  • International regulations, rules and regulations for pet/s

You can never be too careful and cautious when it comes to you & your pet/s travel!

We are the experts!  We can help!

Puppy Travel is the leader in innovative & safe animal travel consulting & couriering for pets traveling to all corners of the world.