Teach me how to ship my own pet

Shipping pets is complicated!  Pet owners may want to ship their own pets but do not know what to do or even where to start!  That is why we offer Pet Travel Coaching as an option!  Our Puppy Travel Professionals are very experienced, patient and ready to ‘coach’ you on everything regarding your pet/s travel.  From how be sure you have an acceptable travel kennel, to routing and airline options and even country entry and import requirements, we are here for you!  We have been shipping pets internationally and domestically for years!  We cover every detail you can think of ….and more!  The “proof is in the planning”!

Rates for Pet Travel Coaching are $125 for Domestic Travel and $175 for International Travel

We are the experts!

Puppy Travel is the leader in innovative & safe animal travel consulting & couriering for pets traveling to all corners of the world.