Pet Travel Consulting Topics

Here is a listing of the many topics we are happy to discuss regarding your pet/s travel!

-Country import and export advice for pet/s?

-Immigration advice for international destinations?

-Advice for destination clearance on arrival for pet/s – domestic and international?

-Recommendations on door to door pick up and delivery?

-Destination Customs Clearance advice?

-Specific destination advice for live animal arrivals?

-Freight forwarder options and advice for international pet/s traveling?

-Information regarding insurance for traveling pet/s?

-Pricing options for freight charges to ship pet/s?

-Explanation of airline cargo shipping structures and fees for live animal cargo shipments?

-Options for passenger accompanying pet to destination?

-Tips for working with the airline cargo operations?

-Airline rules and regulations regarding pet travel/breed restrictions and temperature embargoes?

-Airline and cargo department policies and procedures regarding live animal travel?

-Safety advice and concerns?

-Specific breeds restrictions and concerns that may affect your pet’s travel?

-Details on the cargo hold environment for your pet/s while actually on board the aircraft?

-Ground transportation options and recommendations?

-Explanations on why hot and cold temperatures are a concern for airlines and pet/s travel?

-Respite care information and advice for pets en route?

-Pit falls and things you will want to know about your pet and travel?

-Kennel, pet and crate preparations for your pet/s travel?

Including feeding and watering guidelines and advice, leads, collars and travel crate preparations?

-What to expect from the airlines at the airport on date of departure?

-How to best prepare your pet/s for the journey ahead?

-Pet Travel Check list and recommendations for final preparations for your pet/s travel?

-How to best prepare for the “unexpected” when your pet/s travel?

-What is allowed and not allowed in your pet/s travel kennel/crate/s?

-Advice on shipping young pet/s…puppies….kittens….?

-The importance of working with a good vet!

-Why your pet/s need a health certificate usually within 10 days of departure to any destination?

-Vaccination and vet requirements for your pet/s final destination?

-Correct Health Certificate forms and advice for domestic and international pet/s travel?

-Advice on what you and your vet need to know about your pet/s travel?

-Explanation on the role of the Official Veterinarian endorsements for international travel?

-Advice on how to travel with your pet/s on the same aircraft?

We are the experts!  We can help!

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